The Sahodaya movement was launched by CBSE in the year 1986 to encourage the concept of caring and sharing. Over the years, the Sahodaya has acted as a dynamic force which has bought all schools affiliated to the Board together and given them an opportunity to integrate the experience and expertise to be able to shape and sharpen the young minds of our country into the mastermind of tomorrow…

The Central Board of Secondary Education launched the Sahodaya Movement mainly to introduce and experiment several nation-wide programmes, projects and activities for educational renewal and improvement. The Board is of the view that the active participation of schools in the true Sahodaya “spirit of living together” is a great source of trust, confidence and strength to CBSE as a National Board. The total number of Sahodayas has swelled to more than 110. Sahodaya Clusters from an important link between CBSE and its affiliated schools and it is a growing necessity today to be a part of it.

It is indeed an interactive platform for schools to deliberate upon the different policies and guidelines of the Board and provide effective feedback on their implementation to establish new benchmarks of quality. There is no doubt that much more knowledge is generated when a team or group committed to a common goal undertakes the task of re-modelling and re-fashioning in a spirit of caring and sharing. Thus Sahodaya introduces the relevance of co-operative learning and collaborative networking. This is further facilitated by the annual Sahodaya Conference held every year to critically examine the relevant issues and evolve a viable and effective framework of action.