Aims and Objectives

A Sahodaya School complex is a voluntary association of schools within an area which through mutual choices, have agreed to come together for a systematic and system wide renewal of the total educational process.

The major thrust area are identified as follows :

  1. Human Resources Mobilisation
  2. Professional Growth of Teachers
  3. Value Oriented School Climate
  4. Evaluation

The specific aims and objectives of setting up this Sahodaya School Complex are as follows :

  1. To act as liaison between C.B.S.E. and member schools in implementation of its politics, projects, distribution of publications etc.
  2. To enable sharing of experiences and facilities for promoting interschool collaboration.
  3. To encourage professionalism among teachers and educational innovativeness among member schools
  4. To promote academic collaboration through teacher exchange, joint seminars, workshops.
  5. To provide a forum for active youth participation among member schools in development activities.
  6. To ensure observance of norms and conduct as prescribed by C.B.S.E. from time to time