1. The executive shall meet as often as necessary but at least once in 2 months.
  1. A special meeting of the office bearers may be convened by the Chairman, if and when ever not less than 5 members of the executive shall be there.

Approval of Resolution by a circular:-

If the secretary finds it necessary, he may in consultation and with the permission of the Chairman transact any activity by a circular.

General Body Meeting:-

  1. Annual general Body Meeting of the Association shall be held at least once a year, preferably in December or January.
  2. The day-date-time and agenda will be informed through circular letter by the secretary.
  3. A.G.Meeting will always include
  • Annual Report of the activities by the secretary.
  • Presentation of accounts by the treasurer.
  • The agendas fixed for the meeting.
  • Chairman address to the members.
  • Yearly Calendar to be planned.

Quorum for AG Meeting:-

8(eight) members shall form a quorum for Annual General Meeting. If not within 15 minutes at the same place, the adjourned meeting will be convened. No quorum required for the adjourned meeting.